Sometimes I really suck at blogging.

I had another blog once that I LOVED. It still has some of my favorite pieces. After a year or so I slowly lost my drive though, and found myself posting nonsense out of guilt.

Why does this happen? It’s always the same for me:

Lofty Goal Cycle


I like to succeed.

I like to win.

Sometimes I cheat at Monopoly.

These things tend to make me good at any job I have. They do not, however, always mean good things for the type of person who needs to recharge. My family, friends and job are my priorities. That means I give them my all – all the time. Throwing in another “all” ends up wearing me out. I need to learn to enjoy a project/hobby/crazy idea without letting it control my life.

So where’s that leave the blog?

Probably with more photo updates. I’m writing a post now about my latest project (I’m way more proud of myself than I should be). Have a picture of a puppy for now.


And a kitty. But you can’t see her because it’s a supersecretspotonlyshecanseethrough. You’ll have to believe me that she’s there.