I recently came across a Facebook post about women, their attire, and the attention they should expect to receive from men. I’m not going to take a screen shot or copy it word for word out of respect for my relationship with this person. I am, however, going to break one of my own rules for this blog and talk about something that matters, and not just my creative adventures/childhood stories.

The idea of the post was this: Women like the idea of receiving attention from men but do not know how to handle it. A woman who wears a low-cut shirt and is startled by the kind of attention she receives is in the wrong. Men are simple. Their brains are designed to focus on reproduction, so women need to be conscious of what they wear.

It had 75 likes.

That means that this person has 75 people who liked her comment about the simplicity of men and the folly of women enough to slap their names on it. Those 75 people managed to annoy me enough to write this:

“I like to think that the men in my life are a little more than simple. There may be simple people out there, but quality people are respectful. This post could be taken in several ways depending on the type of behavior that prompted it. Should someone be shocked if they receive attention over the course of their day or life (regardless of their apparel)? Probably not. Should anyone have to worry that the cut of their shirt will cause harassment? No.”

It is as wrong of us to dismiss an entire half of the population as “simple” as it is to justify harassment based on an article of clothing.