The Fear Crate:


It’s month 4 of my adventures into Loot Crating, and I have to say, this month’s theme didn’t really excite me. “Fear” seemed like an opening to a lot of Zombie stuff. That’s not to say I haven’t watch my share of “The Walking Dead,” but I wasn’t interested in a box of walkers.

My hesitation going into this box was probably heightened by my concern that maybe my Loot Crate experience had peaked my first month with the Villain Crate.

For those who are unfamiliar, Loot Crate is a subscription service. For about $20 a month, you receive a box of geeky goodness. I put my items into three different categories: His, Mine, and Someone Else’s.

His: The husband called “dibs”

Mine: I called dibs

Someone Else’s: That’s going in a Christmas gift

So let’s start.

Death By Kitten T-Shirt:

IMG_1730The Shirt: Oh my goodness, that shirt made all of my fears about this box vanish. Cats should certainly be feared, and this shirt is a reminder. This thing is hilarious, and oddly appropriate for someone whose cats tend to end up in her Loot Crate photos. I looked up the company, Super7, and found the shirt on their website for $30. This was absolutely worth it.

Conclusion: Ours. I’m cheating. I order the shirts in a men’s size that my husband and I are both comfortable wearing. We both said “THAT’S AWESOME. I guess you can have it…” so we’re to have to see who ends up wearing it.

How to Survive a Sharknado Book:


The Book: A fun play on the movies, this book does into have to fight and survive all sorts of natural events and highly realistic months, such as Ghost Sharks (Poltersharks), Piranhacondas and Dinonami.

Conclusion: Someone Else’s. The more I look at this book, the more amused I am. Despite never having watched the movies, I find it amusing because it doesn’t have much to do with the movies. The husband has declared that he has a plan for this book though, and since I claim more of the Loot, I gotta let him have this one.

Or I’ll just put it on the bookcase when he isn’t looking.

“Oh, Brother” Super Emo Friends Print:


The Print: At first I wasn’t sure if this was a postcard or a print because it’s wrapped in plastic and plopped on a supportive piece of cardboard, which I appreciate. Anything Super Emo Friends is generally entertaining. The art is adorable, which juxtaposes nicely with the death and violence (who doesn’t love that combination?).

Conclusion: Mine. Once again, the print is going to our Nerd Room.

We’re out of room in our nerd room. We either need a bigger house, or to expand the Nerd Room into the living room.

I’m okay with that.

Dead Rising Sledgesaw Hammer Pen:




The Pen: Okay, I didn’t realize it was a pen until I looked through the handy booklet that came with my box. That makes the nice little box for this even better. I don’t play Dead Rising and neither does the husband, but he knows enough that he was able to explain to me that the game allows players to combine items into weapons.


This thing is amusing though, and it didn’t feel as cheap in my hand as I expected.

Conclusion: Someone Else’s. Anyone a big Dead Rising fan who wants a pen? Anyone? Don’t get me wrong, it’s amusing, but I’m not exactly sticking that on my work desk.

The Walking Dead 132 Loot Crate Variant:


The Comic: In all likelihood, a lot of Looters are either going to be comic fans or Walking Dead fans (and a lot will be both). This is the same issue you could get at a comic shop, but with an alternate cover. I’m a little disappointed that it’s a zombie wearing a Loot Crate T-Shirt. I love looking at variant covers, but if I were a Walking Dead collector, I’m not sure this one would do it for me. Regardless, it’s a free comic. And a popular comic at that. Kudos to Loot Crate for getting it.

Conclusion: Someone Else’s. Okay, it’s going on eBay. I have a bunch of comics I need to sell, so it’ll get thrown online soon. It’s not that I don’t think it’s a good item. I’m not a Walking Dead collector (I think I have the first three trade paperbacks…), and I already have enough comics.

Everything Else:





The Stuff: I figured it would be easier to toss all the misc paper-y items here at the end. This month we got temporary tattoos, something pretending not to be a War Head, a “Smite Gift Card” (unlocks Thanatos and Jack the Reaper skin), and a pair of 3D glasses to read this month’s handy-dandy book (which isn’t weird at all…).

Conclusion: Who knows? There are always a few random things in the box that don’t add much value, but they’re fun. I guess. Temporary tattoos are always fun, and ’tis the season after all. The candy is kind of sad. It’s not necessary, and I feel like the box would almost be better off without it, because it’s small size makes you feel a little ripped off, even if you aren’t. The game code… um… okay. I’m not using that.

Final Thoughts:


Overall, I’m pretty happy with this box. It seems like it has a good range of items and that most people will find something they enjoy in it. Any time we get a t-shirt that we’ll use it feels like a win. The book is fun, the comic is a great idea, the pen is funny (even if I won’t use it). I was also relieved to have been wrong about the Walking Dead thing. Sure, they got it in a couple of times, but it was an amount that felt appropriate. Good job, Loot Crate.

But you know what I miss?

The magnet.

I know it’s a small thing, but I’d rather have a magnet than the misc. stuff at the end. Loot Crate has been making our fridge far more interesting, and I’m a little sad not to have something to add this month.

Still, I feel good at Loot Crate. The husband and I get excited when we get an alert saying it’s out for delivery, and it feeds our inner geeks.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have some comics to sell.