You know the worst part about having a degree in the social sciences?

Well, other than the general impracticality of the degree…

It’s the knowledge of all of the social experiments that have been conducted and published. Those papers are fascinating and thought provoking, but they left me constantly questioning normal situations. One recently happened at work.

I work in a building with several floors. As I headed to the stairs, I noticed that the door had been shut. Here’s the order of my thoughts that day:

“We have doors to the stairwells?”

“Maybe they’re doing maintenance.”

“No, they put up barriers when there’s maintenance.”

“Maybe someone shut the door to screw with people.”

“Is there anyone around with a good view of the door taking notes on how people react to a sudden change in a stable environment?”

I figure this says two things about me:

1. I kind of miss college if I’m trying to see something in a shut door

2. I need to work on my paranoia

So yes, I over think. I also find these sorts of experiments interesting, and like to think about how I would handle a situation. That’s why I was so excited when Rooster Teeth started a new show, Social Disorder. The first episode consists of two guys taking turns carrying a body bag (containing the other) through Austin, Texas, to see if they can get people to help them on their quest to take the bag to a nearby river. It’s hilarious more than anything, but you can’t help thinking: How would I react if I saw that?

Oh, and in case you were wondering, I took the stairs. I guess that means that the third thing I learned was that I get in my own head too much.