This post is late because my Loot Crate was late. If that wasn’t disappointing enough, it had clearly been opened:


You may want to keep the situation in mind when you read my thoughts on my box. I have to admit I may have been prejudice. It looks like everything was still in it, though I’m a little concerned I didn’t get a member card, which is supposed to arrive in box 3. From what I read, sometimes they’re late. I’ll give it another box before I worry.

The September 2014 Loot Crate was Galactic themed. I cannot tell you how excited I was for this. A box of surprise Sci-Fi items is about as good as it get for this geeky girl. I love me some Firefly and Star Wars, two of the big three advertised on the crate. The other was Star Trek. I’m a big fan of Next Gen and Voyager, though I confess the original doesn’t do much for me. Short lived as it was, I’ve seen very little of it.

For those who are unfamiliar, Loot Crate is a subscription service. For about $20 a month, you receive a box of geeky goodness. I put my items into three different categories: His, Mine, and Someone Else’s.

His: The husband called “dibs”

Mine: I called dibs

Someone Else’s: That’s going in a Christmas gift

So let’s start.

The Galactic Crate:


My first note here is on the box: It wasn’t my favorite. The last couple of boxes have been really fun, and this was pretty generic. I didn’t take a picture of the empty box because you get the idea from the exposed part here. At least if one was going to arrive banged up and mangled, it was this one. I’ve been looking forward to stuffing Christmas gifts into these boxes, and this one isn’t exciting enough for that.

Star Trek Tribble Exclusive Looter Edition


Remember what I said about Star Trek? That I was a fan of Next Gen and Voyager? Tribbles don’t exactly play a dominant role in those series.

Okay. I have no idea what a Tribble is.

I would have taken it out of the box except…

Conclusion: Someone else’s. I’d been toying with the idea of giving away some of our spare Loot Crate items in white elephant gift exchanges this Christmas. This isn’t staying in my home, so it’s not being opened.

Alien Re-Action Figure:


I wish I could say that this item excited me, but… no. Not a huge fan of this series. After reading Loot Crate’s description of it, there doesn’t seem to be anything particularly exciting about this figure. I’m sure it would be fantastic for fans of the series, or people who collect action figures. Sadly, I am neither.

Conclusion: Someone else’s. I don’t have enough white elephant exchanges for this.

Firefly Vinyl “Mal” Exclusive Action Figure:

DSC_0353 DSC_0347

When I first saw the box, I thought this was a surprise object, but Loot Crate specifically delivered a special edition Mal. I love Mal, so I’m happy to have him. He’s now standing guard over our Halo-themed Xbox 360. It seemed appropriate. It took away a little of the magic to know that this “Mystery Mini” wasn’t a mystery, but I’ll take what I can get.

Conclusion: Mine. Though I guess he’s kind of “ours” since he’s guarding the husband’s Xbox.

Firefly Bank Robbery Money


It’s from Firefly. That’s enough for me. Now I just need to find a way to subtly incorporate these bills into my home decor.

Conclusion: See above. Mine. Mine. Mine.

Star Wars Poster (9×27)


Star Wars! Han! Who doesn’t like to look at Han Solo, frozen in carbonite or not? Anything Star Wars is generally welcome in our home, though I admit the posters aren’t my favorite. I’m an adult who isn’t quite into papering my walls in posters like I was as a preteen. We do, however, have a “Nerd Room” where this will fit nicely. I’m just worried we’re running out of wall space…

Conclusion: His. Husband gets dibs on Star Wars, so he’ll probably hang this sucker without telling me.

Pop Rocks:


If someone wants to explain to me how Pop Rocks fit into a galactic theme, I’d appreciate it. Pop Rocks are fun, but they don’t exactly make me think of supernovas. The pamphlet that comes with the crate calls them “poppin’ asteroids,” but I feel like they’re stretching it there. Unless Pop Rocks really once advertised that way and I’m not aware.

Conclusion: Mine. What? I said I didn’t get why they were in the box. I didn’t say I was unhappy they were in the box. Husband hates Green Apple. I love it. It was a win for me.

Halo Digital Comic Download:



I haven’t decided what I think of the digit additions to the Loot Crates. Last month’s were fun, though we didn’t end up touching them, despite good intentions. The back of this handy paper has a code to download some Halo comics. I didn’t read it in detail, because I just tossed it straight at the man who has a Hal Xbox.

Conclusion: His. Anything Halo will do well in my home, though I won’t be the one enjoying it.

Star Wars Arcade Magnet:


To my surprise, the magnets are quickly becoming one of my favorite parts of the crate. I like that they’re geektastic, which gives them a theme, but otherwise different. My fridge is progressively becoming more interesting.

Conclusion: His. Only because my husband decided all of the magnets are his. Can something that holds paper on our shared fridge really be anyone’s though?

Final Thoughts:


Like I said, I went into the whole thing a little frustrated that my box took longer than it should have (oh, I watched it get stuck in the middle of no where on my tracking) and that it came damaged. That may have made it harder to be excited for the contents.

If I really think on it though, my first Loot Crate was so fantastic that I don’t think anything will live up to it. I’m going to stick with it a little longer because we’re enjoying opening them, but if next month’s crate isn’t more exciting, I’ll start to consider reclaiming my 20 dollars a month.

If only they accepted Credits.