When I received my first Loot Crate in July, I was convinced that it would all be downhill from there. My Villain box really couldn’t have been better. So when they announced that the August Loot Crate would be Hero-themed, I was cautiously optimistic.

For those who are unfamiliar, Loot Crate is a subscription service. For about $20 a month, you receive a box of geeky goodness. I put my items into three different categories: His, Mine, and Someone Else’s.

His: The husband called “dibs”

Mine: I called dibs 

Someone Else’s: That’s going in a Christmas gift

The Hero Crate

August's Loot Crate is presented to you by Kitty #1! Okay, I have no control over the cats. She wanted to be in the photo, so she was in the photo.
August’s Loot Crate is presented to you by Kitty #1! Okay, I have no control over the cats. She wanted to be in the photo, so she was in the photo.

IMG_1582Exclusive Funko Pop Figure

Loot Crate had sent out promotional e-mails saying that this month would include an exclusive Funko Pop figure. I was strongly considering putting whatever figure arrived on eBay to try and recoup some of the funds we spent on the crate.

Until I opened it and saw that picture you see above.

Let’s take a look at Groot:

It's Groot!
It’s Groot!

I have a soft spot for these vinyl figures that I can’t quite explain. I mean, they’re not the highest quality. The don’t do much.


When I left “Guardians of the Galaxy” I immediately wanted a Groot of some sort for my desk. Now I’m really glad I didn’t buy one.

If you’re wondering about the “exclusive” part, no, Groot isn’t exclusive to Loot Crate. You can easily find him online. What appears to be exclusive is the glow-in-the-dark hand. This isn’t exactly a feature I’d actively choose to spend extra money on, but I’m okay getting it in the crate.

Conclusion: Mine. And by “mine,” I mean “ours.” We’re trying desperately to find someplace in our living room that Groot will look natural, rather than adding him to our cluttered geek room.

TMNT Sunglasses

TMNT sunglasses

This is by far the biggest disappointment to me in the crate. I don’t have any children who would like some play sunglasses. I’m certainly not going to wear them. And to be truthful, I watched my fair share of Ninja Turtles as a kid, but I don’t really remember it. 

Conclusion: Someone else’s. I’m planning on making a box of Loot Crate goods for my family’s white-elephant inspired Christmas exchange. This along with some other items will make a couple of my cousins exceptionally happy.

TMNT Figure

IMG_1585I figured we’d go ahead and finish off the Turtles. It’s probably worth noting that different people appear to have gotten different figures. The booklet features Raphael, while I received Donatello. They did something similar with the glasses. That’s definitely fun, and I have to admit the size of this guy makes him pretty adorable.

I mean scary. Very intimidating turtle.

I like this figure more than the sunglasses. This makes me feel like I didn’t waste money, even if I don’t particularly want it. It’s funny how our brains do that.

Conclusion: Someone else’s. In addition to the white elephant, we adopt a family at Christmas. This might go in a kid’s stocking. 

Shoe Lightning Bolts

Zoooom. Zoooom.

These things are freaking adorable. Seriously. I’m a DC nerd, so anything that reminds me of Flash is going to be a win, even if I don’t really have an opportunity to use these.

Maybe I’ll pretend to take up running (I pretend this a couple times of a year) and put them on my running shoes. 

Conclusion: TBD. I’m cheating here because I don’t know. I’m way more amused by these than I should be. I’m also only 1 for 3 at this point in keeping these items in my home. Since we’re pretending, I’ll pretend I’m going to keep these, but probably put them in one of those Christmas boxes instead.

Sonic Air Fresher

IMG_1586Like my new Ninja Turtle gear, I got Sonic here by chance. There were also two Mega Man options. I’m glad I got Sonic. That speedy freak frequently stumped me as a kid (read: once when I bought a game for my DS in college). 

Plus, who wants a plain ol’ jar-shaped, flower-shaped, non-video-game-character-shaped air freshener in their car? 

Conclusion: Mine. Sonic is going to hang from my mirror with pride. Well, I’m going to hang him from my mirror with pride. I doubt he’ll be very proud of his new home. Who wants to spend their life in a Chevy? 

Digital Downloads

IMG_1590Another fun idea. We got two of these. Each has a code for a free download of “Defense Grid: The Awakening.” Who doesn’t like a good tower defense game?  It also has codes to download characters in a Doctor Who game. I will probably download the “free” game… but I’m afraid I’ll play said game, enjoy it a ton, and end up paying real money for stuff in it. So far I’ve avoided paying for anything in “Free” game apps, and I’d prefer not to lead myself down that path. That would be bad. The third item… okay, I have no idea what it is. 

Conclusion: His and Mine. I love that the crate came with two of these. It’s really brilliant advertising, getting people to play games they otherwise might not. So why not give people 2?



This is apparently a Deadpool reference. I noted when we got Deadpool socks in the Villain crate (cheaters), that I don’t know much about him.

Conclusion: His. This is already on the fridge. We’ve decided to keep all of the magnets, because they’re far more interesting than the round, black things that are currently holding up coupons on our fridge.

Final Thoughts

Obligatory Loot Crate pin
Obligatory Loot Crate pin

This crate was definitely fun, but it did not live up to last month. That’s okay. A subscription service is random, and I’m happy that we’ll have uses for everything in the box.

Well, almost everything. I’m still convinced that the sunglasses are useless.

The different items options for the glasses, TMNT figure, and air freshener were definitely entertaining. I’m not sure if this is normal or not (heck, maybe it happened last month and I didn’t notice), but I like that it means the crates vary. 

Also, Groot Rules.