I’ve asked myself the same question several times today: Who gets sick in August?

I guess that’s not fair. What person living in the northern hemisphere gets sick in August?

Eh, too wordy. You all know I’m going to say the answer is me. Let’s not worry about the exact phrasing.

What matters is that it’s been a lovely, moderate August. Plenty warm for light clothes, but not so humid that you feel the air may begin to boil around you. Allergies have never been a huge problem for me, so the biggest thing I usually worry about during summer is a sun burn. Yet today I woke up with a headache, runny nose, stomachache, sore throat, and soon found I also had dizzy moments as well. It’s been like flu-light, all the symptoms of the flu, but none of them horrible. I don’t have a migraine, but the headache I woke with was worse than my norm. I was congested, but not so congested that some meds didn’t make a huge difference. My stomach hurt, but avoiding any food with a strong smell was enough to prevent it from turning on me too much.

The whole thing isn’t exactly awful. I worked 8 hours in mild discomfort and then went home and rested. If the worst part of my life right now is a cold, then I understand things are pretty good. I’m more intrigued by the darn cold – which no one else around me seems to have – than upset.

But you know what awesome thing was made perfect by a combination of mild weather and random illness?


Even better: Soup I didn’t have to make.

I suppose I’ll be happy that if I was going to get a summer cold, at least it was on a cool summer day.