In honor of my recent attempt to join the masses and watch Game of Thrones, I’m throwing up this recent Superfight hand, made entirely from the Orange expansion:

photo1 (3)

A Rodent of Unusual Size armed with red turtle shells, who can just ask a giant eagle to clean up this mess any time.


A Creeper, who is a Stark, and shoots Mountain Dew and Cheese Puffs.

Okay, I have no idea who would win in this fight. I don’t think I’d find an ROUS that intimidating, deadly as they’re supposed to be, but being able to call in a giant eagle is a pretty great life-saving ability.

It’s the Stark Creeper I’m not sure about. A creeper alone might not take out the ROUS, but I don’t yet understand what being a Stark means. Good? Bad? Has a cool dog?

What do you think? Who wins?