It took three years of nagging, but someone convinced my husband and I to watch Game of Thrones.

Before I continue, yes, I know everyone dies.

If I’m being honest with myself, I think I’m watching it so I don’t have to explain myself when people ask.

Fan: What do you mean you don’t watch?
Me: I don’t know. It just doesn’t interest me.
Fan: No, you’re wrong.
Me: It does interest me?
Fan: It’s perfect for you!

It’s crazy how many people I know who are engrossed in this show. These people include the group that judges me for having a Joker figure at my desk, reading comics, or for referencing Star Trek or The Lord of the Rings. Somehow, this show has made it past the bad word of “fantasy” in the minds of my peers. Since I have my obvious nerdy characteristics, it’s not only assumed that I’d love the show, it almost seems offensive to some people that I don’t watch it.

At the insistence of a friend, I actually began reading the first volume around when the show premiered. Despite my love for fantasy, I couldn’t get into the story. I felt like it changed perspective as soon as I started to consider caring about a story line. I’d get bored, set it down, try to pick it up again, and find myself distracted. The parts I read weren’t bad, and I could understand why someone who got dedicated to reading all of the books might enjoy it. In the end, I wasn’t one of those people. A couple of months later, I returned it to said friend, only half read.

That’s my history with Game of Thrones. We watched the first episode last night and my opinion hasn’t changed much. I’m going to give it a chance though. It seems like the sort of story that needs time to build, and that first episode barely establishes who any characters are, let their stories.

Is anyone a fan? Have I offended anyone by returning an unfinished book to its owner? If you are a fan, how long before you were hooked?