After the success of the Loot Crate I bought for my brother at RTX, I decided to hop on the subscription bandwagon. I figured, hey, it’s a box of Geek-tastic stuff delivered every month. I’m a Geektastic person.  I’m also a generally cheap person, who figured it would probably only last a few months for that reason.

Then they announced this month’s theme: Villains. Oh no. Maybe I’m going to start on an amazing one and nothing will ever compare again. The e-mail announcing the theme even had pictures of Harley Quinn and Darth Vader.

Have I told you guys that I have a Joker problem? No? I have a Joker problem.

That’s my mindset opening this box (please let there be Joker or Harley in this box). Before I dig in, let me tell you how I’m going to categorize each item: His, Mine, and Someone Else’s. “His” meaning the husband loves it, “Mine” indicating that I’m snatching that thing away before my husband gets it, and “Someone Else’s” meaning that thing is going in the gift pile (or who knows, maybe eBay). Let’s get started!

The box:

Nice and unopened. Husband wouldn't let me crack into it until he got home.
Nice and unopened. Husband wouldn’t let me crack into it until he got home.

I learned something here. For some reason, I had assumed that all Loot Crate boxes were the same size, but this is shorter and wider than the one I got for my brother last month. Now I feel silly.

open box

Oh my goodness. The box. LOOK AT THE BOX. Joker has totally been here. *rips out shirt*

“Joki” shirt: photo5

The shirt: Joker and Loki. I have no words. Mostly I giggled. I absolutely love this shirt. This is not going to be bias because anything with the Joker looking maniacal is going to make me happy. The shirt is exclusive, according to the book that came with the crate. I don’t care. I’d be happy anyway.

Conclusion: Mine.

The Posters:


The posters: Sticking with our Joker theme we have two posters, Joker and Harley. Seriously, Loot Crate, you are setting yourself up to never, ever be this amazing for me again. I recognize that most people don’t have a need for such tiny “posters,” but I have a couple of things swaying me here: First, I love the picture of Joker at the top. It’s from the cover of one of the last issue of Detective (? I think. I could go check my comic stash, but that seems like too much work) before DC launched the New 52, and I loved it the first time I saw it. Second, I have “Geek Room” in my home. We’re running out of space for big objects, but we have little spaces above the door where these would fit perfectly.

Conclusion: Mine. Okay, ours, really, since we share the room, but I’m the comic nerd in the house.

Deadpool Socks:


The socks: Everyone likes Deadpool, right? That’s what I heard, anyway. I’m not much of a Marvel person, but I can recognize these are fun.

Conclusion: Someone else’s. Or one of ours the day I’m too lazy to do laundry.

Darth Vader Key Chain:


The key chain: It looks like of cheap. It feels kind of cheap. It also came in a box full of stuff that cost me $20, so I won’t complain. We’re a Star Wars loving home, and Vader is always welcome.

Conclusion: His. The husband automatically wins on all things Star Wars. Maybe we’ll stick it with the spare key.

Necessary Evil DVD:


The DVD: First, forgive me for the obvious difference in color here. I used my cheap camera, and I write from my laptop, which doesn’t have any photo software. According to Loot Crate, “Christopher Lee narrates this awesome documentary that explores the villains of the DC Universe from over seven decades of incredible comic book chaos! Find out just what goes into bringing the Rogues Gallery to life in every issue…”

Conclusion: Mine. It’s pretty obvious by now, right? IMBD has it rated a 6.8/10. That’s decent, I figure, and I’ll always give a documentary about something I like a chance.

Bowser Magnet:


The magnet: Pretty standard, light but not entirely flimsy magnet featuring a non-comic villain. Definitely adds variety to the box. If I didn’t love Joker stories so much, I think I’d be relieved at this point, and then annoyed that I had to be relieved.

Conclusion: His. Considering my husband’s response was “OH I LIKE THE MAGNET,” I wouldn’t even try. It’s already on the fridge.

Rocket Raccoon Comic:


The comic: This is an exclusive comic, which is always fun. It’s a nice plug for the upcoming “Guardians of the Galaxy” movie (which I am seeing for Karen Gillan), but these one-shot promotional comics don’t really do it for me. I’m also not much of a Marvel person (and before you go thinking I’m DC crazy, the only DC comic on my pull list is Batwoman).

Conclusion: Someone else’s. We have some cousins who would love this. Maybe one of us will draw one of their names for the Christmas exchange this year.



We’re in. This wasn’t even a theme that my husband found appealing, but he had a great time. You can’t deny there’s something fun about a mystery box of goodies. I’m sure some logical part of me will take over soon enough and remind me that I wouldn’t normally spend any money on any of these items in a month, so it’s really a waste of money.

Eventually. For now, we’re happy to have had fun. I’m hoping that next month catches my husband’s interest a little more.

Did I mention the best part?


The box! I’m overly amused by the scribbles. This thing is getting saved and used to package a Christmas present this year (hopefully the person who gets it doesn’t know what Loot Crate is and doesn’t think that they’re getting a box full of goodies rather than the book or socks or chili pepper it will actually contain).

We’ll see another Loot Crate next month. I’m excited to see what they prepared, and already trying to make sure I know they won’t all be full of this addictive villain.