Superfight may be the single greatest purchase of my life.

Okay, aside from my cats. My house. My marriage license…

Fine. It’s the single greatest $35 purchase of my life, which got the game and the orange expansion. If you like Cards Against Humanity or Apples to Apples, you’ll like this game, which shares two great components of those two: The ridiculous cards and arguing. Since it makes me so happy, I’m going to start sharing our most argue-worthy games once a week.

The match below nearly caused two long-term relationships to fizzle this past week.

The Fight:

Mummy V. Freddy
Mummy V. Freddy

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you

FREDDY who is 3 stories tall and can sommon anything from a hardware store versus a MUMMY who can create a hologram of itself and is wearing a metallic gold bikini and is chained to Robin Hood.

I think the winner here is pretty obvious, but then again, so did my husband and my brother’s girlfriend.

The Arguments:

Side 1: Freddy is already dangerous enough with his razor fingers, now let’s make him three stories tall and give him the ability to summon chain saws, axes, knives, drills, and all sorts of things that wouldn’t be nice against flesh. On top of that, he attacks in dreams which means that the battle only occurs during sleep. That means the fight takes place in his territory, not the mummy’s.

Side 2: The mummy isn’t the only one at play, we’ve also go Robin-freaking-Hood here. He can shoot Freddy down with 5 arrows at once and doesn’t have to get near the guy. Who cares if Freddy is three stories tall? That’s makes him an easier target. And if he’s so big, he’s going to have a hard time using any of those human-size hardware items.

Side 1: We’re fighting the mummy here, not Freddy. What’s a mummy going to do? Spin Freddy in its wraps? If anything, Robin Hood is too preoccupied by the monster chained to it to pay attention to Freddy. That bikini is distracting. He won’t see Freddy coming.

Side 2: No, no, they’re a team. The mummy is there to distract Freddy while Robin Hood takes him down.

The Winner:

Freddy. My husband still hasn’t forgiven me. It wasn’t even him playing, it was my brother* and his girlfriend. This argument went on for probably ten minutes until we finally had to take a vote and make the whole thing end before anyone actually got angry.


Anyone think we got it wrong? Do I owe my husband and my brother’s girlfriend an apology?

Personally, I think I need to have them watch both Robin Hood and The Nightmare on Elm Street again. Then we’ll see how they feel.

*I have been advised by a disgruntled sister that it was she playing against our brother’s girlfriend, not my brother. Consider it corrected, crazy sister.