My two week vacation ends today, and I don’t regret a single part of it. I feel refreshed and excited about new projects.

I also feel a few pounds heavier, but that’s a different story.

Some things I did on vacation:

1. An absurd amount of cleaning

Sparkling clean
Sparkling clean

2. Played a lot of goofy card games

Kitty #2, hard at work playing Apples to Apples

3. Saw How To Train Your Dragon 2. Twice. And cried. Twice. Both times. I even hatched my own dragon!

Night furyyyyy
Tiny Night Fury

4. Went to RTX in Austin, TX

5. Made some super yummy cupcakes. Seriously. They’re wonderful. I mostly followed the recipe on Sally’s Baking Addiction, and made some minor changes based on what I had in my house, plus changed the icing for my own.

butterscotch cupcakes
6. Watched a ton of The Legend of Korra. I’m loving this season, which is nice. I felt like I spent season 2 trying to convince myself that I liked it. Considering my husband and I joke that we don’t have a song, we have an episode of Avatar: The Last Airbender, it’s nice to be enjoying the sequel so much again.


7. Opened an Etsy store, and made my first sale! I’m going to work on restocking/prices this week.

8. Promised a cat I’d buy her a new shower curtain


Yeah. That happened.

The Shower Curtain

In brief explanation, Kitty 1 was tiny when we got her – too tiny to be separated from her mother. For the first couple of days we had her, we kept her locked in a bathroom while we were at work so she wouldn’t kill herself falling off something or knocking something onto her 15 ounce body. As a result, she’s unusually comfortable with bathrooms, and similarly, with water.

Kitty 1
Kitty #1 in her natural environment

She has a morning routine, part of which is to sit between the shower curtain and the curtain liner while the shower runs. Those running beads of water are a ton of fun, it turns out. We had to replace the liner before we went on vacation, and the store was out of clear liners, so we had to get a cloudy one.

Fast-forward to our return home. We expected her to be pretty angry at us for leaving her for so long, but rather than give us the cold shoulder, she was clingy for a solid two days. She took turns chasing each of us around the house, and even her naps were within two feet of one of us. When I ran out to the store that first night, she was running around the door meowing like a mad kitty when I came back.

In case you were wondering, Kitty #2 ran up to us with about as much excitement as she does when one of us gets home from work, then went about her life.

That first evening, Kitty #1 followed me into the shower as usual, but when she climbed between the curtain and the liner, she couldn’t see. I’m not sure if she was complaining, or if she wanted to make sure I knew she was there. Maybe she was playing a game I couldn’t see. Whatever it was, she meowed repeatedly through the whole shower.

And that is how my pet-owner guilt triggered. The next morning, I promptly ran out and got a new liner.

My cats totally don’t control me.