We went a little crazy.

I promise a real post about our adventures at RTX once I’m home and can write on something other than my phone. For tonight, let’s look at one of the fun parts of conventions: The shopping.

Keep in mind that this is our honeymoon. We’re both moderately cheap people, but we made sure to set aside some money so we could go crazy this one time.


First is one of the RTX exclusive Halo posters that we got at the 343 panel. It was a fun bonus getting a free item for showing up to hear about a game that makes my husband so happy.


SuperFight! I told you that the card in our goody bag was a good ad. The game is a lot of fun, and we look forward to playing it at home with friends. The orange pack is a geek expansion. We laughed so much flipping through the cards that I can’t imagine not enjoying them in game play.


RWBY! If you haven’t watched RWBY, go do it. Husband never enjoyed an anime until this one, which comes in short, easy to digest episodes. Here’s how this pile happened:

I wanted a Blake figure (black hair/clothes). Husband was sad that they hadn’t released the Yang figure (the blonde girl), so he decided to get Ruby (the big box). The next day, he concluded that he’d want the Yang figure once it was released, so we should probably get the Weiss (angry looking one) figure too because it would be weird to have 75% of the set.

The same sort of thing happened with the plushies. We also bought season one of the show, and some buttons (which we then forgot to put on our lanyards. Oops).



Two shirts each. Husband got the official RTX shirt and the super cute Toothless shirt (second down). I got a Rooster Teeth shirt (Jeff’s Farm and Mercantile) and the Avatar: The Last Airbender shirt. The picture was free with the two non-RT shirts.


The buttons are gifts for our siblings. We could have gotten them items with Austin references, but nahhhh.


On the gift topic, Loot Crate was there selling last month’s crate. Since it had already been released, we knew its contents. This Transformers themed box will be my bother’s upcoming birthday gift. I won’t open it since that’s his job, but believe me that it has a pretty awesome shirt in it, along with some other goodies.


And our final Rooster Teeth items. We both bought hats since we weren’t smart enough to bring one, plus we got some Achievement Hunter (part of Rooster Teeth) playing cards. Why did we buy the cards? I have no idea. Probably because we had lost our minds and $5 seemed inconsequential surrounded by all of the more expensive items. Yet we still refused to pay $2 for a bottled drink. At least we retained some of our frugality.

Overall, it was a lot of fun looking at all of the great booths and crazy things for sale. I know we won’t be able to indulge like this on most vacations, and I have to admit that being materialistic about this market for a couple of days was a ton of fun. Thank goodness we can’t keep that up.

Looks like our next project at home will be redecorating our nerd room -er- I mean office. Right. That. This trip may have made us outgrow the space.

Now to get it packed…