Writers love to talk about the writing process, and I love to read about it. One thing I’ve noticed a lot of my fellow NaNo-ers writing about is their writing playlist. I’ve seen everything from metal to classical (and some fun mixes of genres as well). So what’s on my playlist?

Absolutely nothing.

silence in the writing hall

I feel like a horrible person for saying it. Please don’t hurt me! I’ve read interviews with professional writers who talk about their eccentric playlists and I’ve always found them fascinating. Despite that, I don’t consider them necessary.

My last book was primarily written to My Chemical Romance. Today, I couldn’t name a single one of their songs. Hell, I may not have been able to name them then. All I knew was that it was the right noise for that novel. That isn’t happening this time around. Maybe it’s because this novel is so close to home that I don’t need noise. Every topic is personal. I don’t have to block out the world, because my world is part of it.

Is it weird to write in silence? Does anyone else do it? I’m going to keep doing it no matter what anyone else thinks, but I’d still like to hear opinions.

*On an unrelated note, I haven’t looked at sheet music in about nine years, and I wasn’t great at reading it then. I’m sure my drawing looks horrible, and I’m okay with it.