For the longest time, I found “unboxings” to be odd. Now I’m obsessed. Should have seen that coming. I’m not going to do a full dramatic equivalent, but I wanted to share the goodies we got when we pre-registered today.

The RTX Goody Bag and Badge:


I like the lanyard, but the clip is pretty weak and doesn’t fit the badge as well as I’d like. I’ll be using the one I brought with me.

Now the STUFF:



Love the card. We haven’t played this game, but this is brilliant advertising. I’m in.


Sunglasses. Sure. Nerds are afraid of the sun, right? Best to hide from it as much as possible. Right? Okay, I’d be disappointed if goodies were a necessary thing, but I’m happy to get anything with my badge.


Munchkin bookmark. Definitely fun.


And the paper. They have an order form to speed checkout if you’re buying popular items from their store. I like the idea, though I can’t imagine NOT thoroughly shopping the store of the company I flew halfway across the country to celebrate. Good for those who won’t though.

RTX SideQuest:

SideQuest isn’t directly related to Rooster Teeth, but it is related to the community. They’re putting on several charity events this weekend. Here’s what we got with the badge:


I love the Challenge Coin bottle opener. Husband loves anything Halo. It’s all a win.

We’re off to one of the charity events. Overall, it’s been a great day getting ready for the con tomorrow!