Today is the day! We’re heading to RTX for our Geekmoon (honeymoon).The husband keeps saying he doesn’t know what his dream trip will be after this, he’s wanted to go to RTX so long. We’ve been slowly prepping for months now, planning our evenings away from the convention, setting our budget, figuring our which panels we’d like to visit. The last couple of days have been the craziest.

1.) We cleaned. I already wrote about this, but suffice it to say, I’m nice and worn out from yesterday. The husband too. Don’t think I didn’t put him to work.

2.) We packed. We packed again.

packing 1

Obviously a lot is missing from this starter pile. You’ll notice the nice groupings of t-shirts. Husband has enough Rooster Teeth shirts for every day of the convention, though I’ve promised we can buy more while we’re there. I only have one, the RWBY shirt in the middle. I packed two other geeky shirts, and was sad to realize that my nerd attire is entirely black or dark blue. We’re going to Texas. It’s going to be hot. Hence the stack of tank tops. We’ve even got some fancy clothes in there.

I thought about packing my “Bow Ties are Cool” shirt, but then I remembered that Ashley Jenkins wears the same shirt in a lot of her RT videos. Ashley Jenkins is a hot blonde who looks about 800x better than me. No need to have all of her fans immediately compare us. I opted for a weeping angel shirt instead.

ashley is cool

Other essentials (pictured and not pictured): Lanyards (we bought new ones. Mine vanished when we moved last year). Reading material. A DS, loaded with Pokemon X. My Audible App, with one and a half un-read (listened to) Dresden File books. Geeky necklaces. Comfy shoes. Plenty of SPF.

3.) Leave a note for the house-sitters. I can’t believe how much of a challenge this was. Mostly it made me incredibly aware of how much we spoil our cats. It included lines like “don’t let Kitty #2 in the bedroom alone because she crawls under the fitted sheet and eats the bed topper,” and “don’t let Kitty #1 in the office because she steals Husband’s Halo toys and it makes him sad.”

house sitter list

4.) Setup blog posts to publish automatically. BOOM. If you’re reading this, then step number 4 worked. If not, oh well. I’ll be having too good a time to care much. Once we’re back I’m going to do an incredible amount of reading to catch up on all the blogs I follow. It’s a little scary, but kind of exciting as well.

5.) Stash a new notebook in my purse. It’s still Camp NaNoWriMo, friends. My Day 2 word count was 4826, and that’s what the website will reflect until next week. I’ll be writing by hand while we’re away, which is my preferred method anyway. I only ever type my NaNo stories because it’s easier to track the word count that way.

Have a great weekend, everyone! I’ll be on during down time and while I’m waiting in lines, but mostly I’ll be enjoying my honeymoon. I look forward to catching up with you all next week.