Hi there fellow NaNo-ers (all non-NaNo-ers). I feel like I’ve had a successful day, and there’s still plenty of day left.


3137 words so far! As you can see, my first drafts aren’t always the highest quality writing, but hell, I’m not a professional writer. My final drafts aren’t either.

Normally I’d like to have more of a cushion the first day, but we have a pretty crazy week already. I’m working on a final checklist of everything we need to pack tomorrow for RTX. I’m also trying to get together a couple of blog posts to schedule to go up later this week while I’m out of town because I won’t have my laptop in Austin and *gasp* I don’t own a tablet.

On that topic, I will be checking the blog via the app while I’m at RTX (geekmoon!) and I’ll put up some small, con-related posts while I’m there. It’s not in the plan to go to any of the autograph signings, so I doubt I’ll have any fun selfies with any of the guests, but there’s always something to photograph at a convention. Be prepared, friends. I’ll keep up on your posts while I’m gone too, but my commenting might be down a little.

NaNo is still on the schedule for tonight. I figure I’ll start again once it’s an acceptable hour to have a glass of wine while I write.

How is NaNo going for everyone else? Stay strong!  In my experience, the beginning seems to be either very stressful, or incredibly easy. Hope you’re all experiencing the latter.