As I’ve discussed, I’m prepping for my honeymoon at RTX (translation: geek convention – or – AWESOME). I’ve had a great time watching videos and planning our other ventures for RTX weekend. What I’ve started thinking about next is what we’ll pack. I guarantee you the husband will go a little crazy when he sees all of the Rooster Teeth goodies available (no shipping! woohoo!), so we’ll have to make sure to have room. It got me thinking about something one of my relatives recommended taking: business cards.

My first thought was “No, no, no, this isn’t a work convention. It’s a nerdfest!” Then I realized she knows that. She goes to every nerd convention in driving distance. When I asked, she said she brings her cards because it’s a good way to make sure she can exchange information with anyone she meets and wants to contact again.

Sure, sure, I thought. That makes sense. I guess. The problem is, this is how I envision anyone looking at my business card:

real card

Right? I don’t want to know what you do for a living unless you make awesome videos on YouTube with things that explode, especially in that crowd. It got me thinking about my alternatives. Who am I?

pokemon master

Just imagine someone handing you a business card with “Pokemon Master” as their title, and a straight look on their face.

Are they joking?

Wait, do they have a DS in their pocket?

Crap, I MADE EYE CONTACT WITH THEM. Do I have to battle them?

The problem is, there probably are people out there with those business cards. That crowd is serious. I’ve played some Pokemon, but I think I should avoid titles people might actually use for themselves…

Okay, okay. How about something a bit more in my geek expertise?

harry potter fan site

Oh, wow. Maybe… maybe I don’t want to share that. How about….


Hmmm. Two problems here: My Pottermore account says I’m a Gryffindor, and I suppose I can’t argue with JK. Second problem is that I can’t really get past the fact that I just put that whole “had a Harry Potter fan site” thing out there. I was a kid. It was a terrible looking site. Please, please forgive me.

How about another obvious fact about me?

crazy cat lady

Again, maybe it’s bad enough that this is true and on my blog. Fine. Fine. I give up. Here were some of my other ideas:

cried at toy story 2 not for resale shiny people eater blog What you should really be getting out of this is that I’m pretty awesome. Some part of me really wants to print one of each of these just to hand out randomly and see the look on people’s faces. I’m guessing those people would not sit near me when we bumped into each other at the bar later.

I’ll let you know as I think of more.