For those who haven’t picked it up, I’m one half the typical, annoyingly happy pair of newlyweds. What you probably don’t know is that we originally picked the date of our wedding so we could go to RTX for our honeymoon.

Three notes here:

  1. I said “originally” because we were actually supposed to get married this upcoming weekend. That clearly changed.
  2. RTX is a convention put on by Rooter Teeth, the creators of Red vs. Blue, and all sorts of other happy internet things.
  3. Yes, I know it’s bad to put these things on the Internet, but we have house-sitters and not a lot of good stuff. Rob the neighbors.

RTX. It’s a month away, and I find myself both immensely excited and a little scared. My husband is a huge fan. This is his first real convention experience, so it’s pretty exciting in that way. I love conventions, but this one is new to me. I’ve only been watching Rooster Teeth videos for a couple of years now, and I think I’m a little worried I’m going to feel like the poser in the crowd. That’s probably pretty silly considering we watch at least one of their videos every day during the week, but then again, their fans are hardcore.

To combat the nervousness, I’m giving myself homework:

  • Watch all of Red vs. Blue – Until now, I’d kind of avoided their biggest title. I’ve never played Halo, and the show is filmed in the games. I think I worried that I’d hate it and then I’d definitely not fit in. Luckily, I’ve only got 2 seasons yet and I love it.
  • Watch RWBY – Husband and I watched RWBY as it came out, and I’ve watched it again since. I’m pretty picky about anime, and this one has been incredibly fun. I think it’s time for viewing number 3.
  • Research the guests – I’m not familiar with most of the non-Rooster Teeth guests who will be at the convention. I’d like to get to know their work better. Hopefully I’ll be a fan and get to enjoy their contribution to the convention.
  • Learn more about the community – Rooster Teeth has a very active community… and I’m not part of it. Again, Husband is the one with the account. We don’t know anyone else who watches their videos. Part of the excitement is that the convention will be full of other fans. So, fellow bloggers, if you’ve written about anything Rooster Teeth related and notice I’ve stopped by your blog, you know why. I want to know what has everyone else excited.

I can’t wait. I hear Texas is lovely in July *cough*I’m scared*cough*. Hopefully we’ll get to explore and see some of Austin while we’re visiting. Mostly, though, I’m excited for the atmosphere. The energy at conventions is addictive and exhilarating, and what more could I ask for in a honeymoon? A beach? Pssssh.

Has anyone been to RTX before? What has you most excited?